#FLStrawberry Detox Vinegar Drink #SundaySupper

Do you love kombucha and drinks loaded in probiotics? Then you will love this Strawberry Detox Vinegar Drink. Florida strawberries help to naturally sweeten this bright and acidic drink.

detox vinegar drink

Anyone who knows me knows that I love vinegar! I can’t get enough of that acidic flavor. I will eat salt and vinegar chips until my mouth bleeds, my favorite store in Martha’s Vineyard had a vinegar tasting bar, and I love pickles in any form! My vinegar obsession is what started me on making my own kombucha. While I still love to do this, it’s time-consuming and the fermentation process can be a bit intimidating. So when I started seeing vinegar drinks in the store, I had to try some. And now I am hooked!

detox vinegar drink

Making your own vinegar from scratch can take a very long time, but using store bought vinegar is so boring. I like to jazz up some my vinegar by infusing some Florida Strawberries in a some apple cider vinegar. Pickling the strawberries in a large amount of liquid creates a delicious flavored vinegar. If you’re like me you can snack on the berries afterward and keep in vinegar on hand to make some detox vinegar drinks! I don’t like adding a lot of sugar to my beverages, so strawberries are the perfect way to sweeten this vinegar; not to mention add a punch of flavor! You can make more than drinks with this vinegar, it’s also great to add to salad dressings and you can even pickle other fruits and vegetables with it!

detox vinegar drink

After 24 hours the apple cider vinegar will be a beautiful red color!

I absolutely love winters in Florida. I can’t get enough of this warm weather; not too humid but definitely not chilly. It’s the perfect temperature for me. Florida Strawberries have also helped to brighten my winter! They are in season from November – April, I have gotten so used to being able to pick them up at the grocery store I’m not sure what to do once they’re gone! This strawberry vinegar helps to preserve those sweet berries. Preserving them gives me more time to enjoy my strawberries. I won’t be buying any of those hard, flavorless, Mexican berries that flood the market during Florida’s off season! Just store the strawberry vinegar sealed in the fridge and you can enjoy the taste of Florida Strawberries up to 3 months longer!

detox vinegar drink

Winter time is definitely flu season, when most people get sick. But I’m an odd duck, I often find myself feeling under the weather in spring. That seems to be when colds hit me the most. (Perhaps my body is just mourning the end of Florida Strawberry season!) This strawberry vinegar detox drink always helps me feel better during my spring colds. The probiotics found in vinegar and the calcium found in strawberries give my body that boost it needs. In preparation for this, I am stocking up on Florida strawberries while they’re in season. And since the farms are now open for picking I may stop by U-Pick farm so I can hand pick the berries that will go into my strawberry vinegar!

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#FLStrawberry Detox Vinegar Drink #SundaySupper
  • 1 Pint Florida Strawberries
  • 3 Cups Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 1 Cup Water
  • ¾ Cup Raw Honey
  • 3 Cups Water
  1. Quarter the strawberries and cover with vinegar and one cup of water
  2. Chill air tight for 24 hours in the fridge
  3. Strain the strawberries
  4. You can eat the berries or discard at this point (They're great in salads)
  5. The vinegar can know be stored in the fridge for up to three months
  6. To finish making the detox drink boil the 3 cups of water with the raw honey
  7. Cool completely
  8. Add to the strawberry vinegar
  9. Store in the fridge for up to one month


Do I have you craving Florida Strawberries now? Hurry! Run to your local grocery store before the season ends! And be sure to follow them on social media to learn even more about my favorite fruit!

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Drying (Dehydrated)



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detox vinegar drink

#FLStrawberry Detox Vinegar Drink #SundaySupper. If you haven’t hopped on the vinegar drink bandwagon now is the time. This healthy drinks are great for digestion. And this one is delicious and loaded with flavor! The strawberries add a touch of sweetness to this tangy and delicious drink.

This post is sponsored by Florida Strawberry Growers Association in conjunction with a social media campaign through Sunday Supper LLC. All opinions are my own.

22 thoughts on “#FLStrawberry Detox Vinegar Drink #SundaySupper

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  8. Emily | Oat&Sesame

    I know what you mean about eating salt and vinegar chips until your mouth hurts! I love vinegar too! I did a similar type “shrub” drink with apples last fall. Never thought about strawberries! I miss living in Florida and being so close to them!

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  13. Kristen Chidsey

    I can not wait to try this!! I drink apple cider vinegar daily to help fight infections. This strawberry infused vinegar sounds like something I need to try. and spring gets me every year too!

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