Scallop Crudo with Citrus #SundaySupper

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When it comes to an elegant meal I think simple can be the most delicious. This scallop crudo with citrus could not be easier to make, but it sure packs a punch of flavor!

Scallop Crudo

Award season is in full swing so the #SundaySupper tastemakers are sharing their best fancy appetizer recipes. With our host Wholist Woman we’ve got everything from oyster Rockefellers to wine gummy bears! I don’t want to lie, we don’t throw a lot of parties that require appetizers. I’m more of a cheese and crackers gal myself. However, since the theme is fancy appetizers I thought I’d use a restaurant dish!

Scallop Crudo

As many of you know, I am in the process of opening a restaurant. I am counting down the days until The Restorative opens in the spring of 2017. My boyfriend and I have been traveling and working in fine dining restaurants for the past five years. While I love working pastry, I often would get thrown into garde manger. That’s the fancy word for cold appetizers. Many line cooks look down on this position as the “salad chef.” But it is so much more! I truly love getting to craft stunning and delicious first courses. Variations of scallop crudo have graced our menus over the years, but this one if my favorite!

The key to cutting the scallop nice and thin is to place one hand on top of the scallop and slice it horizontal in one long stroke.

Scallop crudo could not be simpler, there’s only one really important part. You must get fresh scallops, not frozen! Since this a raw dish you want to make sure they’re as fresh as possible. I avoid the grocery store and hit a local seafood shop instead. Just slice a fresh scallop as thin as possible, and place on your plate. Sprinkle with a nice flake salt to bring out that sweet scallop flavor, and then add a touch of spice with some peppers! The spicy peppers and cooling orange and basil make for a flavorful and refreshing first course!

scallop crudo

Tips for Plating a Fancy Appetizer

  • Odd numbers are more aesthetically pleasing, when adding components keep is in mind. I like to use 3 or 5 of my oranges and peppers in this recipe depending on how spicy or sweet you want it.
  • Use plate ware that contrasts the color of your ingredients. These scallops would look washed out on a white dish, this dark plate helps make the colors pop.
  • Negative space is your friend. When plating something you want to look fancy adding negative space helps to make it more like a restaurant dish.
  • Don’t be too composed. We have a saying in the restaurant “make it look like it fell from the heavens.” This helps make a dish look more natural. In this case zesting the lime of the top gives it that natural feel

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Scallop Crudo with Citrus #SundaySupper
  • Scallops, as fresh as possible
  • Orange, cut into segments
  • Haberno Pepper, sliced thin
  • Basil, torn into pieces
  • Flake salt
  • Lime Zest
  1. I like to serve one scallop per person
  2. Slice the scallop as thin as possible
  3. Lay flat on desired plate
  4. Sprinkle with sea salt
  5. Add remaining ingredients to your taste
  6. Finish by zesting some lime over top


Scallop Crudo with Citrus #SundaySupper this appetizer may look like it came from a restaurant, but it could not be more simple to make. These delicate flavors join together to create a dish that will wow your dinner guests!

Scallop Crudo with Citrus #SundaySupper this appetizer may look like it came from a restaurant, but it could not be more simple to make. These delicate flavors join together to create a dish that will wow your dinner guests!

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