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It’s no secret I love a good cookbook! This Dessert Fork Cookbook is loaded with delicious recipes the whole family will love. Not only are the recipes delicious, they’re easy enough to have to have kids help out!

I was lucky enough to meet Vegetarian Mamma at the Food Allergy Blog Conference this year. It was a fun weekend of getting to see some of my favorite bloggers in person. A special shout out to my roomies for the weekend, My Gluten Free Miami and The Frugal Farm Wife. It’s so nice getting to met in person the bloggers who you follow from your couch in your jammies. When I heard about Vegetarian Mamma’s The Dessert Fork: Over 40 allergy friendly dessert recipes that your entire family will enjoy. I knew it would be perfect for #CricketsCookbookClub!

The first recipe I tried was for the Rolo Pretzel Bites. I could tell by reading this recipe that I would love it; chocolate, caramel, and pretzels, what’s not to like?! What even better is how easy this recipe is. One time I had a last minute party invitation, I skipped the dipping these in chocolate and had a dessert ready and was out the door 10 minutes from the invitation. I love recipes that can come in handy like that!

Next, I tested some of her recipes for Christmas. These were my favorite recipes, mostly because I made them with my niece so it was a fun day. I love at this book encourages spending time in the kitchen as a family, I’m glad it motivated me to have this fun day. I loved the chocolate crinkle cookies, however, they do you sunflower seed butter. Some people in my favorite don’t like sunflower butter so they weren’t fans, but since I love me some sunbutter I thought they were great. Hands down everyone loved the candy cane chocolate chip cookies!

The last recipe I tried was by far everyone’s favorite. I could not say enough good things about these grasshopper brownies. If you love mint chocolate you must try these brownies. They’re easy enough to make, but there is some cooling time involved so you’ve got to plan out making these. I made these when my nephews were in town because one loves mint ice cream. Apparently, he does not like chocolate (I know I can’t believe it either) so he turned them down, but everyone else loved them! The pan was devoured, everyone else kept going back for just “one more” bite!

If you are looking for some delicious and easy gluten free recipes to make with the family I can not recommend this book enough!

2 thoughts on “Dessert Fork Review #CricketsCookbookClub

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