Healthy Beet Recipes

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When it comes to Valentines Day, that deep red color is everywhere. Who say Valentine’s Day is only for chocolate, I’ve got a list of Healthy Beet Recipes with that festive holiday color and none of the guilt.

healthy beet recipes

I love beets, any way shape of form, I just love the beets. Some people hate them, but if you’re one of them this probably isn’t the post for you. Just eating boiled beets can get boring, so I wanted to create a list of 10 healthy beet recipes.

  1. Mexican Christmas Eve Salad – Veggies Save the Day I love Mexican flavors but they’re usually found in such heavy dishes. This light dish gives you the Mexican flavor with the Jicama but is still light and delicious!
  2. Roasted Beets and Fennel – Forest and Fauna Beets has a delicious natural sweetness to them, and pairing that sweetness with the sweetness of fennel is just brilliant. It’s a warm and comforting side that’s sweet notes make it light and delicious.
  3. Beet Pesto – Sew You Think You Can Cook If you’re looking for a show stopping Valentine’s dinner this is it. Just look at the stunning color! Just use some gluten free pasta and you’ve good to go! I topped my Beet Pesto Pasta with some goat cheese and pistachios and I was in heaven.
  4. Golden Beet Sandwich – Contentedness Cooking The first restaurant I worked in served a big cheese board every day, when the scraps would come back we’d scrap up the Boursin cheese, get some beet scraps from the veg cook, some bread for the bakery and eat what we thought was the most delicious sandwich standing over a trash can. This brings me back to those days, only way more elegant!
  5. Beet Halwa– Love Is In My Tummy I love Halwa, the traditional Indian dessert usually made with carrots. I never thought to make it with beets, boy am I glad I tried. Their natural sweetness works perfectly in this incredible dish!
  6. Roasted Beet Salad with Feta and Dill – The Life of Jolie Dill is by far my favorite herb, so I don’t know why I had never thought it put it on beets before. This dish has such clean and beautiful flavors you will be going back for bite after bite.
  7. Golden Beet and Lentil Salad – Rhubarbians  I think salad’s make for the perfect lunch, but I’m not a big fan of lettuce. So grain salads like this are perfect for me. It’s filling and delicious but doesn’t leave you feeling heavy and gross.
  8. Curried Beet and Quinoa Veggie Burgers – Byte Sized Nutrition I love homemade veggies burgers, but these are not your typical veggie burgers. There is so much flavor in this, just top with some Greek yogurt and you’ve got a dinner packed with flavor.
  9. Beet Avocado and Pea Salad – Saving Room for Dessert If you’re anything like me you love textures in your food. This salad is packed with texture, it just had me going back for bite after bite.
  10. Paleo Ginger-Beet Sorbet – Feast and West I love beets in sweet recipes and this one is so refreshing. The ginger and the beet pair together perfectly in this incredible sorbet. The perfect dessert to end your Valentine’s day.
10 Healthy Beet Recipes. Beets can be such a flavor ingredient, use this healthy list to get more beets in your life!

10 Healthy Beet Recipes. Beets can be such a flavor ingredient, use this healthy list to get more beets in your life!

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