Gluten Free Family Dinner with Nourish Bowls #Nourish2Flourish #SundaySupper

Sunday Supper is a concept that is so near and dear to my heart, and just because I’m gluten free doesn’t mean I’m going to miss out on these fun memories.

I grew up with a fairly small immediate family, one older sister and my parents. We would eat dinner together and discuss our days. By the time I was in middle school my grandparents moved just on the other side of town. Our family meal grew to include two more, but were never a big to do. Grandpa would tell his joke about the dog who couldn’t see a therapist because he wasn’t allowed on the couch. Grandma would fill us in on what was happening with our aunts, uncles and cousins, she always knew everything.

As much as I loved our small family dinners, I was always envious of large and chaotic families. A Cheaper By the Dozen movie poster hung in my room and I became fascinated by shows about large families like Jon and Kate Plus Eight. My boyfriend is one of five and already had four nieces and nephews when we met, and now has five! Dinner is his house is much louder than mine, and I’m so thankful to have this large family around the corner. Now I have the best of both worlds. On one side we’ve got small dinners and after dinner drinks, on the other we’ve got big BBQ’s and battles with nerf guns.

What’s Happening at a Family Event:

Jason and Grandma Watching Game Show Network

Mikey is (successfully) trying to shout over everyone

AJ napping on the floor, hiding from younger brothers

Kenny in his office, probably buying new toys

Sheila is cooking dinner that smells delicious

David’s in the pool or asking if he can go in the pool












Not photographed: Ethan talking me into another round of Exploding Kittens. Matthew setting timers on Alexa that will go off hours after he leaves and confuse everyone. Skylar snapchatting. Danielle, Shannon, and I drinking wine and taking it all in.

While I love the family dinners, Celiac disease can definitely put a damper on it. At my parents’ house, it’s easier, making a gluten free meal for four – six adults? No problem. But making a gluten free meal to feed 10-20 people including lots of children? Now that’s a challenge! I also never want to seem high maintenance and have the whole dinner revolve around me. There’s also nothing worse than getting glutened at a family event and being too uncomfortable to enjoy it. When it comes to family dinners I like to bring my own meal, that way I don’t have to worry about getting sick. That used to mean gluten free TV dinners, which are even worse than traditional TV dinners. That is, until I found Nourish Bowls! Which are as opposite as a sad frozen dinner you can get. Infact, they’re sold in the produce section!

Nourish Bowls are a microwave dinner consisting only of real ingredients! When you open the package you’re looking at a big pile of mostly raw veggies. Bright and beautiful kale, crunchy kohlrabi, sweet potatoes, and a corn-black bean salsa make up the ingredients of my favorite – Southwest Chipotle! All of their bowls are so delicious and so nutritious. Not to mention low calorie, mine had only 220! There’s nothing better than a food that makes you feel good when you’re eating it! Each other their bowls have tons of veggies, some healthy grains, and a delicious sauce making them into a complete meal. Unlike traditional microwave dinners drowning in sauce, these light sauces enhance the vegetable flavor instead of covering it up!

I also love that they only take three minutes to make. With the big family meals, it’s always buffet style. When everyone else’s food is ready, I mix together all my ingredients and microwave for three minutes. I love how quick they are because it’s easy to not draw attention to my special diet. I don’t always like discussing being gluten free, it just gets old after awhile. With Nourish Bowls I just sneak in the kitchen while everyone’s loading their plates and then sit down to my healthy meal!

While family dinners are often a time for indulgence, Nourish Bowls really help me to stick to eating healthy. I love that I can still get all the laughter of a family meal, but, without the guilt I feel after too many servings of a heavy meal. To learn even more about Nourish Bowls check out their social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube.

I don’t think there is such thing as a perfect family. I’m very glad to have two families to call my own. I think we all become so used to the families we grow up in it’s hard to take on new traditions. My house growing up was female dominate, even our male dog peed like girl. The majority of my cousins were girls. You can say I was not used to being around lots of boys before my boyfriends family dinners. My nephews truly taught me the meaning of “Boys will be boys.” Without products like Nourish Bowls eating at family events would be stressful. The constant fear of getting glutened wouldn’t allow me to relax and enjoy the little moments, like the one photo above. I couldn’t even explain to you what was happening in this picture, but there was so much laughter. Boys ages 1 to 16 playing with a pile of pillows having fits of uncontrollable laughter. And because I ate a healthy dinner that couldn’t cross contaminate me, I wasn’t getting sick, and was able to appreciate this moment.

Check out what the rest of the #SundaySupper tastemakers thought about Nourish Bowls!

Nourish Bowls

Plus meet Gina Nucci, aka Gina Broccolini, one of the third generation family owners of Mann Packing – the creators of Nourish Bowls – in a Sunday Supper Movement InterviewSunday Supper MovementJoin the #SundaySupper conversation on twitter on Sunday! We tweet throughout the day and share recipes from all over the world. Our weekly chat starts at 7:00 pm ET. Follow the #SundaySupper hashtag and remember to include it in your tweets to join in the chat. To get more great Sunday Supper Recipes, visit our website or check out our Pinterest board. Would you like to join the Sunday Supper Movement? It’s easy. You can sign up by clicking here: Sunday Supper Movement.

You don’t have to take our word for it! Win some yourself! Just watch the facebook live on the Sunday Supper Movement’s Facebook page for a chance to win a Nourish Bowl prize pack! Tune in today (January 22nd) at 4pmEST. Family Foodie will be creating one of her famous breakfast bowls, made simplier thanks to Nourish bowls!

Being gluten free at family dinners can be stressful. But it doesn't have to with @veggiesmadeeasy #Nourish2Flourish #SundaySupper

Being gluten free at family dinners can be stressful. But it doesn’t have to with @veggiesmadeeasy #Nourish2Flourish #SundaySupper

This post is sponsored by Nourish Bowls in conjunction with a social media campaign through Sunday Supper LLC. All opinions are my own.

29 thoughts on “Gluten Free Family Dinner with Nourish Bowls #Nourish2Flourish #SundaySupper

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  7. Liz

    I never thought how perfect these Nourish Bowls are for those with Celiac, any gluten intolerance or sensitivity! Loved hearing about your two families, too.

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  9. Willow | Will Cook For Friends

    I feel the same way — I grew up with a very small family, just me and my brother and parents. My husband’s family probably isn’t considered big by other people’s standards, but to me it’s HUGE. Like, 20-30 people at Christmas dinner kind of big. It’s really fun getting to experience being part of a larger family, but to also have my small, tight-knit family at the same time. It’s the best of both worlds.

    These Nourish Bowls sound incredible! I’m not gluten-intolerant, but I have gone through period where my stomach can be extremely finicky, and eating at big family gatherings (where the food is generally super heavy and not exactly healthy) has definitely made me too sick and uncomfortable to enjoy the time spent with loved ones. I’ll have to keep my eye out for these bowls so I have a healthy fall back plan, or at the very least, a light, veggie-packed side dish to help moderate all the other stuff. Thank you for sharing!

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  11. Kortney // Allergy Girl Eats

    I totally understand the feeling of not wanted to cause a fuss because of an allergy. I also like to bring my own food when we have a big family affair, just so that there is no chance of a reaction and it makes the evening much more relaxed.

  12. Alisa Fleming

    I have a small family, too, just an older sister and parents! I was quite a bit younger, so it was just me and my mom by the time I was 13, so I always wanted a larger family, too! Of course I married an only child, but they have a close extended family, so the holidays are always boisterous – I love it! He can’t eat gluten, me dairy, and we always struggle at their house. I’ll have to keep these in mind.

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