31 Healthy Snacks to Get You Through January

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Trying to eat healthy for the New Year? I’ve got you covered with 31 healthy recipes that will make sticking to your diet a breeze!


January 1st, that means resolution time. Many people are changing up their habits, trying to make healthy choices. The key to eating healthy is to be prepared! If you don’t have healthy snacks on hand you’re bound to grab those potato chips and start munching. I’ve got you cover 31 healthy snacks. That means a different snack for every day this month so it’ll never get old!

  1. Banana Split Bites – Life Love Liz Banana-Split-Bites1For many people, like me, going healthy cold turkey is hard. So it’s good to find healthy alternatives. This recipe is perfect for those late night ice cream cravings, but less guilt!
  2. Avocado Dip – The Seasoned Mom Avocado-Dip-6Not only is this recipe healthy, it’s a two minute recipe. There’s no excuse not to make it. And no this isn’t guacamole, it’s something even better. Adding Greek yogurt makes it so creamery and smootie while adding protein!
  3. Dill Roasted Chickpeas – For The Love of Crust IMG_7311Dill is probably my favorite herb, so this is definitely a favorite of mine. I can sit and pop them in my mouth like candy, but unlike candy they’re actually filling and healthy!
  4. Strawberry Watermelon Sorbet – Kelsey in the Kitchen Strawberry-Watermelon-Sorbet-3-2-of-4I know it’s winter, but I crave frozen treats all year. This recipe is so healthy, made mostly of fruit. I love to have a bowl after a good work out. Feels like an indulegence even though it’s healthy!
  5. Paleo Crackers – Wholesome Yum wholesomeyum_img_1095What I love most about this recipe is it’s a three ingredient recipe. Making your own crackers sounds intiminading but this recipe makes it so easy. And people are always so impressed when your crackers are homemade.
  6. Poblano-Corn Hummus – 3 Olives Branch 12899814_10100577120447993_1322407357_n-e1458919617198Corn is one of my all time favorite foods, so I loved the idea of putting it in a hummus. And adding the poblanos gives is a nice south west kick. So much more flavorful than traditional hummus.
  7. Ricotta Stuffed Dates – She Loves Biscotti image-94This recipe is so easy and has a nice long shelf life. I would make a bunch and keep them in the fridge that way when I just need a quick snack they’re already ready, plus the walnut adds a great texture!
  8. Marinated Olives – Cricket’s Confections Marinated Olives 2 (Small)This is another recipe that holds really well. You can make a weeks worth of snacks all at once. And it’s also a healthy party snack, all you need it something tooth picks and you’ve got a fancy snack!
  9. Oatmeal Muffins – Kiddilicious Kitchen oatmeal-to-go-muffinsMuffins are one of my favorite grab and go snacks, but usually they’ve got the same nutritional value as cake. I love this recipe because there’s no sugar just apple sauce. It’s as healthy as a bowl of oatmeal, but way tastier!
  10. Vegan Pizza Snacks – Cheftographer img_4936-edit-copyThis is a snack that doesn’t even taste healthy, because it tastes just like pizza. Think pizza quesadillas, amazing! And there’s lots of veggies inside, a good healthy dinner you’re kids will eat.
  11. Carrot Cake Energy Bites – Caroline’s Cooking p3230828-1-smlUsually I’m not a fan of these no bake bites that everyone loves. But this recipe is the exception to the rule. Besides, there’s frosting involved! They’re the perfect mid afternoon pick me up!
  12. Cake Batter Mousse – The Fit Blog cake-batter-mousse-pinterest-imageAnything cake batter and I’m in, but also being healthy? Well, this is the type of recipe that was made for me. Chocolately and delicious, but healthy enough for breakfast.
  13. Almond Stuffed Chocolate Dates – Giraffes Can Bake almond-stuffed-chocolate-covered-dates-680px-2-4I love love love chocolate. If I try to give it up when I’m dieting I end up binging on it in secret. So instead I find healthy recipes like this, so I can satisfy that chocolate craving while maintaining my dignity.
  14. Lavender Coconut Strawberries – Stellicious Life img_0124-1024x683This is such a beautiful and refreshing recipe. Eating these just make me feel so good, something about that floral lavender and a juicy strawberry just puts in good mood.
  15. Healthy Buckeyes – Cupcakes and Kale Chips healthy-peanut-butter-buckeyes-8This recipe does not taste healthy at all, and that’s okay with me. Instead of powdered sugar like most buck eyes these have oats, not only making them healthier but also much more fillling, and that’s what I’m looking for in a healthy snack.
  16. Homemade Strawberry Fruit Roll Ups – Living Sweet Moments homemade-strawberry-fruit-roll-ups-4-1001x1024Who didn’t love fruit roll ups growing up, they were my go to after school snack. I love this healthier version, and this one actually tastes like fruit unlike the neon colored ones.
  17. Buckwheat, Carrot, Feta Muffins – Nourish Everyday buckwheat-carrot-feta-muffins-1
    I love a good savory muffin, and these are the most flavorful ones I’ve ever had. That salty feta cheese really elevates the flavor of the muffin in them. Plus you can’t even tell they’ve got veggies inside.
  18. Raw Apple Pie in a Jar – Viedela Vegan rawapplepie3This is such a fun snack. All the flavor of apple pie but that amazing crunch from a raw apples. Putting them in little jars makes them the perfect party dessert. Who says eating healthy has to mean skipping dessert!
  19. Grilled Pineapple with Honey and Cayenne – Joy in Every Season grilled-pineapple-3I love that I live somewhere that I can grill all year round. This is my new favorite grilling dessert. The sweet pineapple and spicy cayenne make for one addictive combo!
  20. Apple Chips – Cricket’s Confections apple-chips-6Apple chips is one of my favorite snacks. But I’m way to cheap to buy a dehydrator. This recipe only uses the oven to make perfectly crunch apple chips.
  21. Peach Butter – Whole Food Bellies peach-butter-4I love all sorts of dips and spreads, makes snacking so much fun. This peach butter only has a touch of honey, making it to much healthier than any jams or jellies you’ll find at the store.
  22. Chick Pea and Edamame Crispies – Cookilicious 352f481edc72b34e23c2134d0fba21d7If you’re like me and you love crunchy snacks, this is the perfect recipe for you. I often find myself craving something crunchy late at night and these are a great alternative to potato chips.
  23. Beet Hummus – Joy in Every Season beet-hummus-5In addition to being a good healthy snack, this hummus is just beautiful. When I made mine I crumbled a bite of goat cheese on the top, and man was it delicious!
  24. Spicy Garlic Parmesan Popcorn – The Girl on the Bloor easy-spicy-garlic-parmesan-popcorn8-2Popcorn is the ultimate couch food. This recipe is so flavorful, much more so than the bagged stuff, and has way less scary chemicals.
  25. Chocolate Coconut Fat Bombs – Homemade Food Junkie img_5956So, when I saw the name fat bomb I knew I needed to try these. They’re not the healthiest recipe on this list, but they’re still free of any refined sugar. So if you’re craving a chocolate bar this is the healthier way to go.
  26. Basil Sundried Tomato Brie – Swanky Recipes sun-dried-tomato-baked-brieI know what you’re thinking, baked brie isn’t that healthiest snack. And sure, it is mostly cheese. However, most baked bries are covered in sugar filled jams. And since this one is not, I’d say it’s a healthier choice!
  27. Snap Peas and Mint with Ricotta – My Kitchen Love


    I love any type of veggies and dip. But this one is especially flavorful. And putting them in little mason jars makes them a fun first course.

  28. Fruit Salad with Lime and Pepper – Naive Cooks shot-of-ready-to-eat-fruit-saladFruit is the perfect healthy snack, it’s already so sweet. Adding the lime and pepper really makes all the flavors pop. It’s the perfect mid morning snack.
  29. Blueberry Sunflower Bites – Spabettie dsc_38481Blueberry is one of my favorite flavors. These little bites are so flavorful and you can pack them easily in a lunch box.
  30. Funfetti Protein Bars – Big Man’s World healthy-no-bake-high-protein-funfetti-bars4Protein bars are the perfect choice when you want a filling snack. But, they can be so expensive. It’s so much cheaper to make them yourself. Plus this recipe has sprinkles!
  31. Grilled Watermelon Salsa – The Kitchen Prep img_3657-1Chips and dips are such a classic combo, but this salsa is anything but ordinary. So many flavors from the sweet watermelon, to the savory shallot, and spicy jalapeno. I don’t even need to have friends over to make this, it never goes to waste.
31 Healthy Snacks. A list of 31 one delicious snacks all gluten free with no refined sugar. This handy list will prevent you from breaking that New Years Resolution.

31 Healthy Snacks. A list of 31 one delicious snacks all gluten free with no refined sugar. This handy list will prevent you from breaking that New Years Resolution.

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  1. Dianna

    I’ll have no excuses for bad food choices with this great list filled with delicious, healthy ideas! 😉Thanks for including my watermelon salsa!
    Happy New Year, Cricket!


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