Christmas Cookie S’mores

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If there’s two things I love it’s Christmas cookies and s’mores, fun festive cookies with ooey gooey chocolate and marshmallows? Count me in!

Growing up many people picture what their life will be like, dream job, perfect wedding, all the usual things. For me, I’ve always pictured what Christmas would be like as an adult. Forget everything else, what Christmas traditions would we carry on, what would we eat?! The one thing no one tells you about traditions as a kid, is that at some point someone just made them up. So I’ve decided, I’m going to start making up Christmas traditions.

Last year on Christmas Eve we finished building our grill. I say we, but let’s be honest, my boyfriend finished building a grill while I wandered around the yard chatting in his ear. Either way, we were so excited to try out the new grill/fire pit. So we thought, forget the fire place let’s snuggle up by a campfire on Christmas eve instead. We invited friends over had some wine and hot chocolate, it was a perfect night. Except, we desperately needed s’mores. This being a last minute event I hadn’t properly prepared, this year I’m not making that mistake!

On Christmas eve I will make sure the house is stocked with marshmallows and chocolate bars, perfect for s’more. But who needs graham crackers? Firstly, they’re hard to find gluten free and if you’ve read my Backpacks post, you know I’m not their biggest fan anyways. So instead for Christmas eve we’re swapping the boring brown crackers for festive Christmas cookies. My gluten free Christmas cookies have the perfect texture to replace the graham crackers. They’re firm enough to hold all the filling, but still slightly chewy so it feels more cookie like than a graham cracker! And who said s’mores have to be an outside activity? If it’s too cold for a bon fire where you live, roast them over the fire place!

Christmas Cookie S'mores
  • Gluten Free Christmas Cookies
  • Marshmallows
  • S'mores
  1. You know what to do!


Christmas Cookie S'mores. A fun recipe for the holiday season, using delicious gluten free Christmas cookies!

Christmas Cookie S’mores. A fun recipe for the holiday season, using delicious gluten free Christmas cookies!


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