100 Reasons to Smile

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The holidays are all about giving, giving back to giving to others. Giving doesn’t have to be about money or possessions, just giving someone a smile can brighten their day.


As part of the Stonyfield Clean Plate Club bloggers are pairing with charities to give back this December. I have decided to donate to the Plymouth Task Force for the Homeless in honor of my cousin Tyler who passed away this Spring. I wanted to give to a charity the Tyler would have been passionate about, helping others was always important to him. They are a great charity that helps to end homelessness and give to those in need.

Often after people pass away they’re memorialized by perfect pictures, school pictures, graduations, professional photos. This is can seem so artificial, I want to remember Tyler as the cousin I remember. He was incredibly goofy, overly loving, and sometimes a tad bit annoying: like those times he insisted on calling me my sister’s name instead of mine. So instead of a perfect picture here is the two of us as angsty preteens.

A few years before he passed away, Tyler started a facebook group called The Smile Movement. His belief was simply saying the world smile would make someone smile, and Tyler understood the importance in a smile. In additional to giving to Plymouth homeless I wanted to give the world smiles, because I think everyone could use more smiles. These is my list of what makes me smile, hopefully, some of these things will make you smile as well. This holiday season let’s focus on what makes us smile, and how to make other smiles!

100 Things That Make Me Smile:

  1. Family – I’m lucky to have a great family, while we all live far away it’s nice to know that they’re always only a phone call away, thank goodness for cell phones.
  2. Grilling in the Backyard
  3. Two-Ply Toilet Paper
  4. Friends – Having people in your life that can not only make you smile, but can make you laugh is something I’m extremely fortunate for!
  5. Music – It amazing how much comfort can be found in the words of total strangers. In the weeks after Tyler’s passing I listened to Winter from Bayside and You Should Be Here by Cole Swindell countless times. When you’re at a loss for words music can provide the most comfort.
  6. Trains and Planes
  7. Bike Ridingorganized-2
  8. An Organized Pantry
  9. Funfetti Cake – There is nothing better than funfetti cake! I love that there are gluten free funfetti box mixes now. Fun fact, one time I made my own funfetti cake for my birthday party. My dog ate the whole thing and my mom went out to buy me and icecream cake in the middle of a snow storm
  10. Reality TV shows
  11. Milkshakes
  12. Boxed Wine – I’m happy to live in a time with boxed wine,in college I always kept a box under my bed. Now that I’m older and a bit classier it’s in my fridge instead.
  13. Funny Socksskys
  14. Motivational Quotes
  15. Listening to People Talk in Other Languages
  16. Key of Awesome Videos
  17. Water Cups with Straws
  18. Opening Presents
  19. Giving Presents
  20. Eating an Apple After a Long Walk
  21. Shirley Temple
  22. Hamilton – Couldn’t even count the amount of time I’ve listened to this soundtrack. Never seen the play, but real do yourself a favor and listen to the sound track.screenshot_2016-11-17-13-48-13
  23. Wreck-It Ralph – If you haven’t seen this movie, you must! Whenever I’m having a bad day it’s my go to movie. It makes me laugh, makes me cry, I just love it! My nephew David and I went trick or treating as Wreck-it-Ralph and Vennople a few years ago and it was amazing!
  24. The Holderness Family – their videos never cease to entertain me
  25. Pickles and Dill Pickle Potato Chips
  26. Playing Mario Kart on the N-64
  27. Cards Against Humanity
  28. Fancy Hotels
  29. The Fact that My Vacuum Makes the House Smell Like Fabreeze
  30. Candles
  31. Eating Free Samples at Costco
  32. Mommy Shorts – if you’re not following her or her daughters on instagram you’re doing yourself an injustice. I’ve also read her parenting book, which may be creepy for someone with no kids, but it was so funny I just love her!
  33. Books
  34. Playing Boardgames
  35. Theatre
  36. Charleston, South Carolina – Charleston is the first place I ever lived on my own. At 19 I decided to drive thousands of miles to a city where I knew no one with no job and no apartment lined up. There was something so satisfying about starting fresh and knowing that I could do it on my own.
  37. My FitBit unnamed
  38. The Whittemores – They are like my second family, but the fun one because their parents never sent me to my room. Or actually, they probably did, but I don’t remember it so it doesn’t count. Also look at the ginger baby not looking at the camera, I’ve been ruining photos since day one!
  39. Swimming
  40. Mama Marion – Marion runs Our Life Tastes Good, I couldn’t even count the amount of questions Marion has answered for me, she is always there to help with all my blogging questions and never seems annoyed by my pestering!
  41. Baking
  42. Singing in the shower – I have yet to have a bad shift at work that singing loudly in the shower couldn’t fix. My top shower jams: Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen, Let it Go from Frozen, Totally F**ked from Spring Awakening, Failure by Design by Brand New, Can’t be Tamed by Miley Cyrus
  43. Walking
  44. Christmas 20957_1315910508878_6874438_n
  45. Grandma – My Grandma was probably my favorite person in the world, sorry everyone else but she wins. All my Grandparents were awesome, but grandma always had a special place in my life. We even used to go on Taco Bell dates, she was the coolest!
  46. My Teddy Bears – There are lots of stuffed animals in our house, all with their own names and personalities, sure may be creepy but they always make me smile. Shout out to Hugs, Kisses, Cubs, Fonti, Spudsly, Paws, Spuddy Buddy, and Shoeberry14590369_10211174241062908_8678418883299831333_n
  47. Saturday Morning Breakfast – Once a week we all gather at Jason’s mom’s house to enjoy in family breakfast. Sometimes we eat in sleepy silence other times there’s crazy shenanigans but it nice to have the family time to look forward to each week.
  48. Napping
  49. My house – did you know we had never even seen the house when we bought it? Yup, sight unseen, we were living on Martha’s Vineyard and had a friend walk through it and send pictures. But, it’s absolutely perfect and I love every bit of it!
  50. My booknook – My boyfriend made a closet into a reading nook and it’s the coziest thing ever223776_2268486762689_7668594_n
  51. Martha’s Vineyard – I spent 5 summers working on Martha’s Vineyard, it’s such an important place in my life. Where I crashed a hotline for the first time and didn’t crumble, where I first learned to manage a staff and how hard it can be, where I first fell in love with my boyfriend. There is so many hard learning memories there and so many beautiful memories of good friends and beautiful scenery.
  52. Writing People Cards – Yes Mom you win, all those years of making use write thank your cards paid off.
  53. Blankets
  54. Nieces and Nephews – Dating my boyfriend brought nieces and nephews into my life and I absolutely love having them around. They are all crazy, noisy, and amazing in their own way.
  55. Checking things off my to-do list
  56. My fan – I sleep with a fan right next to my face, can’t live without that thing!
  57. Being able to touch my toestravel
  58. Harry Potter – By far my favorite book series, I have read the whole series 3 times since last October.
  59. Gluten free beer – I’m not a big beer drinker, but tell me I can’t have something and boy do I want it. I’m lucky to be able to have a few sips of gluten free beer once in awhile.
  60. Jason – Let’s not get too  mushy here, you don’t need that. But he’s pretty great and makes me smile almost everyday. And can also make me laugh so hard no noise comes out and I just shake violently and cry from laughter.
  61. Holding Babies
  62. Peanut Butter and Pepperoni Sandwichs
  63. Warm Weather
  64. Chasing the Ice Cream Truck – Yes, I once made the ice cream man made an 18 point turn to bring me my frozen treats! (This was last year)
  65. Bright Colors
  66. Cheese – no offense to my diary free readers, but a good soft cheese always puts a smile on my face13335723_10209786066279406_4653107571253378215_n
  67. Kiawah, South Carolina – If you’ve never been, you must. It’s truly one of the most relaxing places in the world. I have so many found memories of riding my bike all over the island with Tyler and his friends. There is no freedom equal to that of a 12 year old on a bike!
  68. Cookbooks – I can’t get enough, there’s over 200 in my house!
  69. Foot Rubs
  70. Being able to walk to the water from my house
  71. Being able to walk to the library from my house
  72. SundaySupper – I love having twitter chats with all the crazy food bloggers in my life, they are definitely my tribe of weirdos!
  73. Sleeping In10325241_10203863166570615_6132442609690852557_n
  74. Date Night Scallops – working in Martha’s Vineyard our kitchen had windows over looking the ocean. When the sun would set Jason would give me a scallop and we’d have a 30 second “date” while at work. I mean just look at that view!
  75. Swinging on a Swingset
  76. My Pillow – I’ve had the same pillow since at least high school, you may find that gross but I can’t sleep without it.
  77. An Empty Laundry Basket
  78. Trying on clothes and having them fit perfectly
  79. Chocolate, any way shape or form
  80. Isla saying my name – I started nannying Isla when she was 3 months old, while I’m not with her everyday anymore she always put a smile on my face, especially when she says “ceekit” Also added bonus smiles for every time she hides from Jason, because some reason she finds him terifying
  81. Getting Mail, particularly Christmas cards and letters320368_4637007334223_1398634432_n
  82. The Windmill – when Jason and first started dating we living in a windmill. While it was not enjoyable at the time, basically a glorfied barn with no hot water and grass growing in the kitchen, whenever I look back at those memories I smile.
  83. Amazon Prime – Two day shipping has spoiled me rotten
  84. A Clean House
  85. Going to Garage Sales
  86. Jimmy Fallon
  87. More Specifically Elmo on Jimmy Fallon – watch here
  88. Kesha – I spent a good two years in culinary school impersonating Kesha any chance I could find. Including semi formal dances which I viewed as costume parties. No, I’m not including any pictures for this, there are too many embarrassing pictures of me dressed like Kesha.
  89. Not Wearing Pants – also known as, the biggest perk of working from home
  90. Having a good memory – This might seem like a humble brag, but I love being able to have clear memories of good times. And I can usually tell you what we were eating at the time, had just eaten, or were about it eat.
  91. Finding a gluten free version of a favorite food that tastes just like the original
  92. People Watching in the Airportstock-photo-little-pomsky-puppy-standing-on-a-purple-background-with-copy-space-297013406
  93. Pictures of Pomskys – Don’t let this fool you, I’m not an animal person. I just love pictures of these pups
  94. New Sweatshirts or Sweatpants – Fun Fact growing up as a second child I mostly had hand me down sweats for years I hated them because I thought all sweats were “freckly” (That’s my made up word for rough textures I don’t like, I still use it today)
  95. Aimlessly Driving Around Town
  96. A Warm Towel after A Shower
  97. Apple Picking
  98. Packing My Lunch
  99. The Beginning of Fall When There’s Pumpkin Everywhere385548_203155199776028_591678645_n
  100. Remembering Tyler – all the times he drove my crazy like the brother I never had

This holiday season I encourage you to smile as much as you can. They’re contagious! Even if you feel like you have nothing to give, just give someone in need a smile. And if you’re in need of a smile just head to the Smile Movement, it’s become an amazing community that is always sharing reason to smile!

Happy Holidays!

Help spread smiles this holiday season!

Help spread smiles this holiday season!


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