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Cooking dinner can often be a stressful event. However, The Weeknight Dinner Cookbook has taken all the stress out with the simple and easy to follow recipes that make some delicious dinners your family will love.


Barefeet in the Kitchen is one of my favorite blogs so when I saw they were releasing The Weeknight Dinner Cookbook: Simple Family-Friendly Recipes for Everyday Home Cooking I knew I needed to try this. One thing I loved about this book is that it’s straight to the point. Many cookbooks spend half their pages telling you why they wanted to write a book or a bunch of long family stories. This book gets straight to the recipes, which I love! The best part is the recipes are divided but cooking time. From 15 minute meals to slow cooker dinners, no matter how much time you have you can make some of her delicious meals. Earlier this week I reviewed Meal Delivery Kits, if you’re considering them I recommend trying this book first! It will change the way you view dinner time!


The first recipe I tried was the cinnamon crunch cake. Within minutes of the book arriving in the mail I was making this recipe. While this isn’t technically a gluten free book, every recipe has a gluten free option, including the baked goods! This cake was amazing, definitely not healthy! The cinnamon crunch layer was reminiscent of the cinnamon crunch bagels I always loved at Panera. I loved this cake so much I had to give it away so I wouldn’t eat it all in one sitting!


Of course I wanted to focus on the dinner recipes. I started with the Honey Lime Chicken, an super easy and tasty dinner. What I loved most about this is that the honey and lime is added at the very end. That way if you have picky eats, like in my house, you can leave some of the chicken tenders plain. However, the drizzle of lime and honey makes these crunchy chicken strips irresistible.


Next, I let my boyfriend go through the book and pick a dinner. He’s really picky, and I was surprised how many meals he book marked! I love soups, and he’s not usually a big fan of soup unless we’re sick. So when I saw he marked the Beef and Broccoli Soup I was so excited. I was blown away by how much flavor was in the 30 minute soup. 30 minutes to flavorful soup? I didn’t know that was possible! I had some chicken stock in the freezer so I used that instead of the beef stock and it was still loaded with flavor. This is also I great low carb meal, I usually throw some rice noodles in my soup, but you really don’t need them. The beef and broccoli are so delicious you don’t need to add lots of unnecessary ingredients.


Since we’re big beef eaters we tried another beef dinner, the Philly Cheese-steak Casserole. I love cheese-steaks, however being gluten free I haven’t have one in years so this casserole had my name all over it. I’m going to give away a recipe secret here, because it’s truly changed how we cook in this house. She has to microwave the potatoes! Sure, I’ve heard of microwaving baked potatoes. But I don’t know why I never thought do use the technique to make dinners quicker. Microwaving the diced red potatoes make this tasty dinner only take 25 minutes! And I mean, look at the gooey cheese? Who wouldn’t have that for dinner?!


The next recipe is the one I put off the most. I love spaghetti so I knew I wanted to try the Lemon Butter Spaghetti, but for some reason I just keep putting off making it. As soon as I tried it, I regretted putting it off so long. I was truly blow away with how much flavor was in this simple dish. 10 minutes, that’s all it took to make this dinner. It will be my new go to for when I don’t have time to cook. It’s also so quick that it’s a nice lunch option. I’ve made it a few times for a Sunday lunch when I want something I bit more decadent than a traditional lunch. Every time I’ve made this recipe it’s been just as delicious and magical as the first.


Of course I had to end with dessert, because obviously the cinnamon crunch cake counted as breakfast. I ended with the blondies, a delicious and simple dessert. This recipe only took 5 minutes to whip together, basically the same amount of time as a box cake. Though, the flavor was so much more than a boxed product. I’ve transferred this recipe into my recipe box on the kitchen counter and think it will be my go to quick dessert option from now on!

I could not recommend this book more. So many people come to me and say they just don’t have time to cook, which it was has inspired #MealPrepMadness. But, cooking dinner doesn’t need to be madness. This book makes it so easy. Whenever you’ve got 15 minutes and need to scramble something together or 45 minutes and want to make a decadent dish; this book has something for you!

Disclosure: I was provided free product for this review, all opinions are my own.


12 thoughts on “The Weeknight Dinner Cookbook #MealPrepMadness

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