10 Must Try Pumpkin Recipes

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It’s finally pumpkin season! Here are ten pumpkin recipes that you must try this fall.

You had to see this one coming right? I love pumpkin, obviously I grew up in New England, I think legally I have to love pumpkin. So of course my first post of October has to be a pumpkin round up. Here you have it, ten of my favorite pumpkin recipes!


  1. Pumpkin Mascarpone Brownies– Gluten Free Gigi Pumpkin Mascarpone Swirl Brownies ed 1 One of the first things I ever mastered baking was cream cheese brownies. Using a Betty Crocker mix, I thought I was the most talented baker in the world. These brownies remind me of those, only way more decadent with the creamy pumpkin swirl. Caution though if you make these, you may end up eating half the pan in one sitting; I know I did!
  2. Pumpkin Pie Pudding – Cupcakes & Kale Chips Pumpkin-Pie-Pudding-1-600x900 Something about pudding just makes all my problems melt away. I instantly turn into a small child, my feet kicking in my chair, doing my happy food dance. This pudding definitely makes me do my happy dance. Like the creamiest most delicious pumpkin pie you’ve ever had!
  3. Double Pumpkin Grilled Cheese– The Kitchen Prep IMG_6238 Can we take a minute and mention that the Kitchen Prep is a genius. How she thinks of these amazing recipes, I’ll never know. But this one, is just so heavenly. Gluten free bread, creamy pumpkin puree, peppery pumpkin pesto, sharp cheddar cheese. There’s not enough words to describe the magic that happens in your mouth when you eat this sandwich!
  4. Chocolate- Pumpkin Cupcakes – Cricket’s ConfectionsChocolate Pumpkin CakesThis is one of the first recipes I ever posted, but it’s still a favorite of mine. These cupcakes are so chocolaty and decadent with a light yogurt frosting. I love making them in a mini cup cake pan, they’re so cute and you can just pop them in your mouth!
  5. Turkey White Bean Chili– Angela’s Sweet Homestead Turkey and Pumpkin Chili Fall is the perfect time of year for chili, those nice big bowls of warming soup, yes please! Adding pumpkin and white beans makes this such an interesting spin on a classic. The pumpkin is a nice light way to thicken the chili, not to mention add an amazing flavor!
  6. Pumpkin Donut Muffins– Smashed Peas and Carrots donut_muffin Does anyone have those recipes that you see on Pinterest and know you need to save. I have tried to pin this recipe so many times only to have pinterest tell me it’s already pinned. By the 100th time this happened I knew I had to make them. And boy am I glad they did, definitely not a healthy breakfast, but they’re the perfect lazy morning treat!
  7. Drunken Pumpkin Seeds – Our Life Tastes Good drunken-pumpkin-seeds-h287 Growing up I loved carving pumpkins, and of course that meant toasting the seeds. I thought I made pretty good toasted pumpkin seeds until I came across this recipe and realized I’d been doing to wrong my whole life. Bacon fat? Whiskey? Yeah these are worlds above any other seeds!
  8. Chocolate Chia Pudding – Cricket’s Confections 710f7-chia2b7I usually don’t like chia puddings, that is until I started adding pumpkin puree. For some reason the pumpkin puree makes the pudding light and fluffy, almost like a mousse. But the secret ingredient? Curry Powder. The smokey spice with chocolate and pumpkin is a must!
  9. Peanut Butter Pumpkin Dip – Wishes and Dishes Peanut-Butter-Pumpkin-Greek-Yogurt-Dip-Recipe-11I love serving dips for parties, it’s such a fun dessert. Also serving it in a mini pumpkin? Well that’s just adorable! This dip tastes almost like cheesecake and pairs perfectly with crunchy apples!
  10. Pumpkin Fudge – The Skinny ChicPumpkin-Fudge-7 Fudge always brings me back to summers as a kid, going to Newport and watching fudge be made on big marble tables. It’s such an indulgent treat, and this fudge is no exception. All the spices of ginger, cloves, and cinnamon really lighten up this fudge. And it’s much easier to transport to Thanksgiving than a pie!

If this list didn’t get you craving pumpkin, I don’t know what will. It’s such an amazing and versatile ingredient. I’d love to hear which pumpkin recipe you think sounds the best, comment your favorite below!

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