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I am definitely a snack monster. I always like to be snacking, especially if they’re healthy snacks. Being gluten free it’s crucial to always bring emergency snacks where ever you go. You never know if there will be food options for you in social settings. RX Bars are perfect because they can just be thrown in your purse for those times when everything around you is covered in gluten!

I try to make as much as a can at home, but some things are better when you buy them. And I firmly believe that is the case with RX bars. While you could make something similar at home by pureeing dates and nuts, I’ve never been able to get that perfect texture with my food processor. The base of these bars are blended perfectly smooth and then some large pieces of nuts are added for texture, making the perfect contrast.

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Many people shy away from these bars because of the calorie count. Yes, most of them have over 200 calories but they also have 12 grams of protein. I find when I pick low calorie snacks I end up snacking more which leads to more calories than if I had pick the original snack. And while calories may be high ingredient count is low. I’d rather higher calories than ingredients I don’t understand.

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There is also a wide array of flavors for every occasion. The blueberry bar’s delicious flavor reminds me of the packaged mini blueberry muffins I’d devour as a kid. Also perfect for breakfast time is the apple cinnamon or coffee chocolate. For a midday pick me up the coconut chocolate bar makes me feel like I’m on a tropical vacation. Dessert time? The salted chocolate bar has big flakes of salt that make for such an indulgent treat. Ironically my favorite flavor is the one I was least excited about. I didn’t think I’d like the pumpkin spice, didn’t think it should be a flavor for a protein bar. One bite though and I felt like it was Christmas. I love all the RX bars, but the pumpkin spice is a staple in house!

Disclosure: I was provided free product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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