10 Perfect Pear Recipes

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September means fall is here! The best time of year for food, all the savory warming spices, yes please! Most people think of apples during fall and often the pears get left behind. Pears are one of my all time favorite fruits, so juicy and delicious. I thought I’d start off the fall with some of my favorite pear recipes.

A list of 10 amazing recipes featuring the best fall fruit, pears!

  1. Pear-Chardonnay Compote – The Kitchen Prep IMG_9612 If there’s on thing I love more than pears it’s definitely white wine. There is always Chardonnay in my fridge, and this compote is the perfect pair to my favorite beverage. I served mine with some brie and wine, its the perfect party snack in the fall!
  2. Caramel- Coconut Pecan Baked Pears – The Crumby Cupcake Caramel-Coconut-Pecan-Baked-Pears-3 I feel in love with baked pears during my Whole30 and this is definitely the best baked pears. Maybe not healthy but covered in gooey caramel with the texture from the pecans and coconut flakes, just so amazing!
  3. Parsnip- Pear Muffins – Cricket’s ConfectionsParsnip-Pear MuffinsThis was one of the first recipes I ever made baking with pears. Shredded the pears makes these muffins so moist and adds the perfect touch of sweetness. With no refined sugar and veggies there’s no reason to feel guilty snacking on these babies!
  4. Amish Fried Pears – One Ash Homestead amish fried pears While I don’t think the Amish life style is quite for me, there is no denying how amazing some of there recipes are. These fried pears are so simple to make and so tasty. I love to top the warm pears with some ice cream, and the warm cold combination is am amazing dessert!
  5. Bacon, Pear, Brie Grilled Cheese – Running to the Kitchen  Pear-Bacon-and-Brie-Grilled-Cheese-on-sourdough-breadI don’t often eat a sandwich, but when I do I expect it to be amazing. I of course used some gluten free bread! This sandwich is also filled with onions and rosemary, and then those juicy pears. It’s really got everything I need in a sandwich!
  6. Orange Cinnamon Poached Pears with Walnuts – Wishes and Dishes Orange-Cinnamon-Poached-Pears-with-Walnuts-Recipe-1Poached pears are definitely a classic, but these ones are a cut above. Layering the pears with the whipped cream makes these feel like such a fancy treat. Perfect for wowing your dinner guests!
  7. Cardamom-Vanilla Pear Applesauce – The Kitchen Prep IMG_1102 I love adding unexpected flavors to my food, cardamom in apple sauce what a great idea! The almost smokey notes to the cardamom really bring out all the amazing pear flavor. I love to eat it with ice cream, spoon it into my oatmeal, or just eat it plain like a little kid!
  8. Green Pear Smoothie – Cricket’s Confections Green Pear Smoothie 2 I love pears for smoothies, they’re a high sugar fruit which is perfect for smoothies. Bananas in smoothies are so common ditch them and switch to the pears! Pairing them with fennel adds a licorice flavor, so refreshing.
  9. Pear Baked Pancakes – Cupcakes & Kale Chips Grain-Free-Banana-and-Pear-Baked-Pancakes-4 I love pancakes, but cooking them on the stove can be a pain not to mention messy. This recipe bakes them, how amazing is that! These use pear yogurt to flavor the pancakes, I spread some pear apple sauce on mine and had a perfect breakfast!
  10. Pear Almond Tart– Veggie Cravings pear-and-almond-tart-3Growing up canned pears were my favorite snack, so this recipe feels very nostalgic to me. It’s so simple to make, but this fluffy tart tastes like it took hours to make. And it’s dairy free with no refined sugar, what else could you ask for in a delicious dessert!

So this September you can try lots of apple recipes like everyone else, or join me and cook with pears. Let’s giving this amazing fruit all the attention it needs!

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