Back Packs – Graham Crackerless S’mores

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Who needs a graham cracker? Back Packs are the perfect way to make a gluten free s’more. Ooey gooey and delicious they are everything a summer treat should be.
Gluten Free S'more

What’s the easiest way to make a gluten free s’more? Take out the graham cracker of course! Growing up, I never really liked the graham cracker anyways. It was just the thing getting between me and the good part. The gooey marshmallow and melty chocolate is clearly the best part.

Back Packs, a naturally gluten free s'more option!

BackPacks 3

There is a back story to this post, you might ask, why are you calling this a back pack. (And if you have heard this phrase before please comment below and tell me because I swear this is a real thing. Somehow I can not find anyone to back me up on this.) I remembering being a kid, and not liking the graham crackers. Instead I would toast a marshmallow take it off the stick, put a piece of chocolate inside, and call it a back pack. I don’t think I made this up, I remember being shown it. For the life of me I can’t remember by who! They’re sticky and delicious, everything a campfire snack should be!

BackPacks 2

In fact, I was so sure it was the a real thing I casually mentioned liking back packs more than s’mores to my boyfriend and got stared at like I just told him I was actually Taylor Swift living a Hannah Montana style double life. I explained to him all about back packs and he convinced me it was not a real thing. At this point, like any good girlfriend, I set out to prove him wrong. Started asking friends and family if they had heard about making back packs by the campfire and got the same looks from everyone. Then of course I turned to the internet. Nothing! Not a single mention on the internet.

BackPacks 4

I don’t like being wrong! Then I remembered, I’m a food blogger, I can make it a thing on an internet. So I am! Because as everyone knows, what’s on the internet is true! My mission to prove to the world back packs are a real and delicious thing! So join me, lets get everyone making back packs this summer. There’s no recipe needed here. Just toast a marshmallow to your liking, remove the stick, and put a piece of chocolate in the hole the stick left. Trust me! To all the kids who ate the cream filling out of the oreos lets join together and start only eating the filling of the s’more!

16 thoughts on “Back Packs – Graham Crackerless S’mores

  1. Alisa Fleming

    This is such a neat idea. I had to read twice to understand what you did because the marshmallows are so toasted on the outside that it looked like there was something else wrapped around too!

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