DIY Aloe Water

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The perfect refreshing and hydrating beverage for all your hydration needs. This DIY Aloe Water is much cheaper than buying the bottles stuff, plus it’s so easy to make!
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I love aloe water, it’s so hydrating and refreshing! For the longest time I was buying ALO brand, it wasn’t cheap, but since it’s healthy I thought it was worth the money. When I did my Whole30  I started reading labels for added sugar. It was then I learned that my “healthy” beverage had 17 grams of added sugar. That’s when I decided to start making my own!

DIY Alo Water, why pay for it when you can make it yourself.

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Living in Florida finding fresh aloe is not hard. For me I just walk out into my back yard and there’s at least four aloe plants. The hard part is cutting the aloe, it can be pretty slimy. Slimy is an understatement it feels like boogers. So just be careful when your cutting it, better to do it slowly and keep all your fingers. It’s worth the work when I think about how much healthier it is.

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The Perfect Ingredient

I like to keep some plain aloe water in my fridge for smoothies. It’s got a mellow flavor that is perfect for smoothies, not to mention it adds vitamin C and potassium. I also flavor it sometimes, to hydrate after long walks. I just add some honey or ginger or basil to the blender when I make it to add some flavor!

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DIY Aloe Water
  • ¾ Cup Aloe
  • 2 Cups Water
  1. Filet the aloe like a fish, removing the skin from both sides
  2. Cut aloe into pieces and transfer to blender
  3. Cover in blender and puree til smooth
  4. If flavoring add desired flavor now
  5. Store in fridge


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