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Is there anything that makes you feel more like a child than making cookies? There something so satisfying about rolling out cookies and cutting them into fun shapes. For many kids with celiac, what seems like a childhood staple is something they have to miss out on. I believe every kid should get to make cookies, so I am thankful for companies like Sunshine’s Gluten Free.

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While I think making everything from scratch is ideal, let’s be real it doesn’t always happen. Especially with kids. Not that I have any, but I borrowed two for this review and they definitely made baking a bit more stressful. However all the flour on the floor is worth it for the giggles you get along the way. I meet Graham and Norah when he was three and she was a new born. I often spent days baking with Graham and was excited to get to do the same with Norah. However, at less than two years old she was diagnosed with Celiac disease. When I received these cookie mixes I knew it was time for a play date!

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These mixes could not be easier to make. I wanted the kids to be as involved as possible, but I wasn’t sure how they could handle cutting the butter up small. I feel like their mother wouldn’t appreciate me letting them play with knives. Instead I used a bench knife, not sharp but perfect for cutting butter. Graham felt very grown up using it, and said maybe one day he’ll teach Norah.

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We first made the Gluten Free Chocolate Candy Cookies. Norah was very excited about these ones because she thought the dough was so pretty, I definitely agreed lots of colors! For these we just shaped them into balls. Graham did this fairly well, I couldn’t even tell the difference between his and mine! Norah on the other hand just really enjoyed squishing the cookies down, I’ll let you guess which ones are her’s in the following picture!

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Yeah, those ones were a little under baked when compared to the rest. But when it comes it baking with kids I don’t think you should force perfection. She was very proud of her cookies! I also love under baked cookies, doughy and delicious. Eating these cookies make me feel like a kid again, so tasty!

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Next we made the Oatmeal Sugar Cookies, this is what I was most excited about. I love oatmeal cookies, and I love sugar cookies, I couldn’t wait to try the two together. These ones we rolled out and cut into shapes. Most gluten free doughs are too crumby or sticky to roll out, not this one! I used some of the Sunshine’s AP flour to roll out the cookies and they were so easy to transfer from the table to the cookie sheet. Sure it made a huge mess, but it was so much fun and that’s what counts!

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I think the Oatmeal Sugar Cookies were my favorite. They have the perfect crunchy texture with a nice heartiness from the oats in the cookies. I didn’t get a picture of the final cookies because we were too busy eating them! I only got to try 2 of the 69 different cookies and baking mixes that Sunshine’s sells. But both were such winners, I can’t wait to try more. They have so many fun flavors, peanut butter with reese’s peices, oatmeal with yogurt covered raisins, snickerdoodles, you can even build your own flavor! If you’re looking for a good cookie mix to make with your kids, look no further!

Disclosure: I was provided free product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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