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I’ve decided to start featuring one monthly review on Cricket’s Confections from now on. I love sharing my favorite gluten free brands with my readers. I am very excited to be starting this with Wheat’s End Cafe.  You may be wondering why, as a Floridian, my first review is a cafe in Chicago, while I’m sure the cafe itself is awesome, they will mail you their amazing baked goods. And when I say amazing I am not exaggerating.

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When I came home from a few days of traveling to a box of Wheat’s End goodies on my door step I could not have been more thrilled. They mail everything to you frozen, which is generally how I store my GF baked goods. One thing I love is that the bagels, in addition to being package in a sleeve, are individually wrapped in plastic wrap. I love being able to take a bagel from the freezer at night and just plop it on the counter to thaw for the next morning.

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I tried the bagel first, I’ll be perfectly honest I was a bit skeptical. It felt dense and hard, I was suddenly worried then my first review would have to be a negative one. But I decided to keep an open mind. I sliced it open and put it in the oven to broil (I don’t have a toaster, an oven is basically a huge toaster and I like my counter space uncluttered) It seemed to take awhile to toast, easily 2-3 minutes longer than my boyfriends gluten filled bagel. Once it was golden brown I took and out and it felt like a totally different product. The once dense bagel now felt light and fluffy. I have no clue what type of voodoo witch craft happens when you toast these, but it’s amazing!

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I just topped mine with some butter, when a bagel is that good there’s really not a lot you need to do to it. What surprised me most about these bagels is that they’re chewy, the New York bagel chewy. I’ve had decent bagels since going gluten free, but I’ve never been able to get that amazing chewy texture. I will say these bagels are slightly smaller than the typical New York bagel, but for me they’re the perfect size. They fill you up enough without making you feel like you’ve got a lead stomach like a lot of carb based breakfasts can do.

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Next I tried the English muffins. I’ll be honest, I never truly liked English muffins growing up they just weren’t my favorite. However, being not able to eat them has made me long for them. I need all those nooks and crannies in my life! I tried these muffins two ways. The first time I thawed them over night and then broiled the next morning, the second time I was in a hurry and threw it in the microwave for minute and then broiled it. Both ways came out delicious, the light airy texture with a subtle chew. I even fed one to my gluten eating boyfriend and he ate it no complaints, didn’t even know it was gluten free. Now that is a true testament to a good gluten free product.

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While the English muffins are good on they’re own, they’re even better if you make them into a BLT. Instead of butter, just spread some bacon fat on them before assembling the sandwich. It is heaven. Trust me. Buy their English muffins, make a BLT your life will never be the same!

Disclosure: I was provided free product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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