Ground Beef Recipe Round Up

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While I love healthy food and think nutrition is so important in life, I don’t think that means you need to break the bank buying food. One of the cheapest proteins available is ground beef. Many think that just means burgers, tacos, and junk food. But there are so many delicious and healthy recipes you can make with this protein.

Ground Beef Recipe Round Up

Ground Beef

I love buying the huge packages of ground beef at Costco and freezing it. Usually I freeze them in pound or half pound amounts that way I can always pull out just the amount I need. While I love ground beef tacos I thought I would share some other ground beef recipes that are favorites in my house! You can make such a large variety of meals that it never gets old. We often have ground beef dinners two or three times a week they’re so easy to make; because it’s such a versatile protein it never feels repetitive!

    1.  Sweet Potato Chili By: Taste of Lizzy T’sDSC_2880_edited-1
      I discovered this recipe during my whole30 and it was such a life saver for me! It is a filling recipe and so easy to make. I love the sweetness that the sweet potatoes add, you don’t even miss having the beans in this recipes because the potatoes provide such a great texture!
    2.  Mexican Beef and Rice By: Magnolia Days Pressure-Cooker-Mexican-Beef-Rice-4-680px
      Ground beef really leads itself to Tex-Mex dishes, but it definitely goes beyond tacos. I love this dish because it really makes the rice the star. The cheese makes this inexpensive dinner feel like such a decadent indulgence.
    3. Cheese Burger Soup By: Gluten-Free on a Budget CheeseBurger
      This is such a fun spin on a regular cheese burger. I absolutely love this soup, it’s velvety smooth and hearty on the same time, which is a rare combination in a soup. I top mine with some garlic pickles they add an acidity that really makes this amazing dinner pop.
    4. Easy Beef Lo Mein By: Cricket’s ConfectionsBeef Lo Mein 3 (Small)                                                                                           I absolutely adore Chinese food, making it at home is so much healthier than ordering out. This pasta feels like a greasy treat, but in reality is a well rounded dinner! Lots of vegetable cut thin so you don’t even notice you’re eating them with the pasta.
    5.  Amish One-Pan Ground Beef Skillet By: Smile SandwichIMG_3285
       One pan meals are definitely a favorite of mine. This dish is reminiscent of a cabbage roll, but way easier to make. Unlike cabbage rolls there’s no rice in this dish so you’re getting more veggies. I love to make a big batch of this and pack it from lunch all week!
    6. Mystery Meat By: Gluten Free Mom Certified
      GFMom1If you read my review of GF Mom Certified cookbook you know how much I adore this recipe. So simple and so delicious. We love having breakfast for dinner in my house. Instead of using the meat in tacos I love to pair it with avocado and top with a fried egg. Pure perfection, not to mention an easy dinner for when you don’t have a lot of time!
    7.  Farmer’s Market Meat Loaf By: Taste and See Farmers-Market-Meat-Loaf-sliced-log
       Meatloaf is definitely a classic when it comes to ground beef dinners, but this one taste so much more sophisticated than a traditional meat loaf. I love adding all the veggies into the loaf, really lightens up the loaf!
    8.  Portuguese Style Beef Lettuce Wraps By: Family Foodie Portuguese-Style-Beef-Lettuce-Wraps-2
      I don’t think I had ever marinated ground beef before this recipe, I don’t know why not. It seems so obvious, marinating makes everything better so why not do it with to your ground beef. There is so much flavor in this easy dinner. I think people often go Asian with lettuce wraps but trust me these Portuguese wraps are a great way to spice up your dinner routine.
    9. Tin Foil Dinner By: The Crafting Chicks Tin-Foil-Dinners-e1402094655288
      Foil packet dinners is something my boyfriend grew up eating, the first time he made me one I absolutely hated it. I tried them again and again and just couldn’t enjoy them, until this recipe. Adding the cream of mushroom soup is a game changer! (I use Pacific Brand) Now this fun campfire meal is actually delicious, so creamy and decadent.
    10. Cheesy Zucchini Bake With Ground Beef By: Living Chirpy Cheesy-Zucchini-Bake-6
      This is such a great easy recipe! I like to assemble it on meal prep day and then throw it in the oven on a busy night. While I don’t think zucchini noodles will ever satisfy a pasta craving they really help lighten up this dish and provide and delicious flavor!

There you have it! Ten delicious and fairly healthy ground beef recipes. These will help to keep your belly and your wallet full!

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