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A World of Flavor isn’t a good gluten free cookbook. It’s a good cookbook period. The recipes are so fresh and delicious you’ll forget they’re gluten free. This book is created with so much love you feel like you’re part of the family reading it. By the end I felt as if Grandma Verstrate had given me handwritten recipes from her own kitchen. Regardless of dietary needs, if you enjoy to eat well this is the book for you. From the stunning photographs to the sweet family memories each recipe will make you want to get in the kitchen. 

Whenever I get a new cookbook I sit with sticky notes to mark each recipe I want to try. By the end of this book I had over 20 sticky notes in the book, so many recipes that looked amazing! I had to dial back the amount of recipes to review, otherwise we’d be here forever!

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I started with the very first recipe in the book Bacon Wrapped Dates. Ever since my Whole30 experience, I am obsessed with dates. This recipe is so easy to make, I love that in addition to filling the dates with cheese they also add almonds. This really gives a great textural component to the dish. I made mine with pepper jack cheese and it was the perfect before dinner treat.

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The one recipe I knew I needed to try was the donuts. I love donuts, but haven’t eaten one since going gluten free. Their donut recipe is very easy to follow. However, I felt the dough would have been really messy to roll out. I scooped mine instead to make donut holes. They were amazing. That would be an understatement. I made the whole recipe and proceeded to every single donut it made, that good.

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Since this book’s subtitle is “Your Gluten-Free Passport” I knew I had to try some of the ethnic recipes next. I tried the Cuban pork, instead of pork roast I used a pork tenderloin and just cooked it for less time. Since there’s only two people in my house a roast makes way to much food. The marinade worked perfect, the combination all the citrus notes made for one refreshing dinner.

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The next ethnic recipe I tried was the Raita. I was really intrigued by this Indian recipe. The combination of grapes, yogurt, pistachios with many savory spices. I didn’t really know what I would think of it, but it was amazing! Perfect for when you’re not sure if you want something sweet or savory. The blend of grapes, cumin, and cilantro had me going back for bite after bite.

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One of the best parts of this book is that it’s a mother daughter team. The way in which Amber Barret and Nancy Miller speak of family recipes makes you feel as if you’re stepping into their memories. I love onions so I knew the onion pie would be for me. I just don’t like quinoa so instead I used millet, it worked out great! I have never had a recipe look more like the picture in the book before. This recipe came out so perfectly, it looked like I had taken the picture out of the book and put it on my counter. I like this sort of recipe because it’s so versatile I ate it for breakfast some days and dinners others.

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I’m always looking for quick easy recipes and the Almond- Parmesan Chicken tenders are perfect for that. I felt as if my recipes for paleo nuggets and parmesan crusted chicken had a baby, and that baby was delicious. I had some extra breading and used it on zucchini, it made for an amazing dinner. The best part was I threw the left overs in the oven the next day and they crisped up perfectly!

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The last recipe I tried was the Cloud 9 Nine. April is my mom’s birthday month and this recipe seemed like it was made for her! Even though she is in Rhode Island and I’m in Florida I had to make it in her honor. Instead of steeping the heavy cream with hazelnuts I made a frangelico whipped cream. Because why use hazelnuts when you can use hazelnut liquor, booze makes it better, right? If ever a name fit a recipe perfectly, it is this one. So light and fluffy, eating this cake makes you feel like you are the most elegant person in the world.

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My favorite type of cookbook is one that reads like a story, A World of Flavor definitely does that. This book gives you a glimpse into the lives of the authors, they invite you into their world to taste their memories. This book has such a wide range of recipes it is perfect for everyone. Whether you’re looking for chicken wings, gluten free brioche, smoothies, or just a good family dinner this book will have the perfect recipe for you!

Disclosure: I was provided free product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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