Gluten Free Community Part Two

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I am beyond happy I attended the Gluten Free For Life Expo in St. Pete last weekend! It was wonderful to meet so many people in the gluten free community. Being able to eat free samples without having to ask a million questions about the ingredients was amazing! More than just the free samples the people I got to meet at the event where definitely the best part!


In my last post I wrote about how going to this event was making me a bit anxious, but I’m so glad I broke my comfort zone and did it. I’m learning from my friends website Breaking The Stigmas that anxiety and other issues are so common, but that’s no reason not to do something! When I first arrived it was a bit overwhelming, such a large crowd. Over time though I became more comfortable and got to meet a lot of different people. Some who had just become gluten free and others who had been dealing with this for decades, it was fascinating to hear other people’s stories. I also got to meet other great bloggers like My Gluten Free Miami, Gluten Free Frenzy, and Gluten Away; it was great to connect with other bloggers spreading gluten free awareness online!


Meeting fellow bloggers made me realize how important relationships with other bloggers can be. It’s important not to just hide behind your computer, but to really embrace the community. Going to the Gluten Free For Life Expo gave me the courage to sign up for the Food and Wine Conference in Orlando, Florida in May. I even got approved to be a brand ambassador! Going on this weekend long excursion definitely makes me nervous, but I know I will benefit from meeting even more bloggers!

raffle winnings

There were so many amazing products I got to try, because I was lucky enough to win a raffle! I think my favorite product was the Wowbutter, a completely nut free soy bean butter that taste just like peanut butter! The Whenever Bars are also an amazing new find, perfect to keep in my purse when I need a gluten free snack! I also won a pack of Toufayan wraps, these were already a favorite of mine; I featured them in my Freezer Breakfast Burritos.  There were lots of other products but those were definitely my favorites!

Overall the expo was such an amazing experience, it’s given me a new found confidence in why I started this site. I am so happy to be part of a community that can understand all my daily struggles of being gluten free!

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