Why I Quit My Whole30

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Some of you might have noticed I didn’t post a whole30 update yesterday. That’s because I decided to end my whole30 early. It was not an easy decision, but I have decided this is what’s best for me. Call me a quitter if you want, but I don’t regret my decision.

While I like the idea of jump starting a healthier lifestyle, for me the whole30 didn’t seem to be doing that. Where as in the past I’d have a bowl of cottage cheese, or some baked tortilla chips and home made salsa, carrot sticks and hummus for snacks; I was turning to larabars and nuts instead. Why? Because some book took me not to eat these foods.

Suddenly my diet became so unbalance. Without any grains I wasn’t getting nearly enough fiber, which is fairly important to healthy digestion. So while I felt energized I was spending so much time in a bathroom, I felt too gross to use this energy for anything. And try as I might absolutely nothing was filling. I spent 19 days being starving, which made me very grumpy and irritable. I would go to social media and see people posting pictures of huge plates of scrambled eggs with lots of vegetables in the morning and proclaiming how much they love life. Well not me, firstly after eating more then two scrambled eggs I think they’re gross; it’s such a weird soggy texture. In our house we usually split 3 eggs for breakfast; pair them with some avocado toast and I feel pretty good to start my day. But the whole30 breakfast were getting repetitive and without any grains seemed never filling enough.

Also anyone in my family can tell you I’m a texture person. Always have been. I’ve been known to rub my face in new sweaters to see if they’re soft enough. I even invented a world for those that weren’t: freckly. Textures are also important in food! And what does the whole30 lack? Crunch! I needed some chips, granola, crackers somethings besides a raw carrot to add variety to all the soft whole30 foods!

I’m not saying the whole30 is a bad choice for everyone. There are definitely things I like from the program. The total absence of processed food I think is a great choice for anyone to make! Eating more vegetables? Yes, people should definitely do that! Focusing on eating nutritionally dense foods instead of counting calories, count me in! For me I feel having a balance diet is the most important thing. I like to dip my veggies in some Greek yogurt loaded in herbs. It helps me eat lots of veggies, and Greek yogurt is naturally low fat and has protein. So why should I stop eating an already healthy snack just because it makes other people feel good. I need to do what makes me feel good! With some inpsiration from Dr. Suess I am trying to steer my life in the direction that I choose.

I have given up on my whole30, but I have not given up on my healthy lifestyle. I still don’t want any junk food in my house. I will still focusing on making fresh, healthy meals; but, if I want to add a bit a cheese to my salad, I’m going to do it. The biggest lesson I learned from the past 19 days is how much better I feel without any sugars. The bad headaches I got on the days I would eat sugar are enough to teach me I need to limit my sugar intake. I want to start focusing Cricket’s Confections on recipes only sweetened naturally. Instead of sugar and honey, I want to create recipes sweetened with bananas, applesauce, and dates! I’m sure I’ll still post the occasional special occasion recipe with sugar. Everything in moderation is what I’m going to start living by!

4 thoughts on “Why I Quit My Whole30

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