Whole30 Day 17

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Another whole30 day has come and gone. I must say my mind is feeling nice and clear, and I do have lots of energy. The bad news is I am constantly craving carbs. I feel like I need something to help fill me up. Even after I eat a big plate of food I find myself still hungry.

For breakfast I had some of my Whole30 Tuna Salad. I thought starting my day of with lots of protein would help keep me full. But no, I spent all morning day dreaming about breads, crackers, cottage cheese, anything filling that is now off limits.

I had some walnuts and almonds and then a pear; all before lunch. After eating my pear I realized I had just eaten all of my snacks for the day. Usually I just pack one morning snack and one afternoon snack. Eating them both before lunch meant it was going to be a long afternoon.

For lunch I had an Aidell’s chicken and apple sausage, along with some sauerkraut and raw carrots.  I am glad I found these sausages after reading fellow whole30 bloggers. It’s so helpful to have a fully cooked healthy meal just waiting for me in the freezer at all times.

Since I had no afternoon snack that day got very long and I got fairly tired. It was Taco Tuesday so I used a baked sweet potato instead of a taco shell. Piled high with shredded chicken, tomato, and avocado. I thought it we be a perfect filling dinner, but within the hour I found myself starving again. So I finished my night with a coconut cream Larabar, definitely my favorite flavor. I’m still determined to see my whole30 through, but right now I am having serious doubts that this is will change my life like all the people I read about.

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