Curried Chicken Salad

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The perfect lunch for back to school. This curried chicken salad is loaded with grapes and mangoes, the perfect refresher for spicy curry.

Curried Chicken Salad

When it comes to lunches some days I want to make myself a Pioneer Women type lunch and spend all morning in the kitchen making a delicious midday meal. But more often than not for lunch I want something real quick, but still satisfying. And that’s where this chicken salad comes in! You can make this the night ahead of time or spend a few minutes whipping it together right before lunch.

This recipe is so simple because it’s made mostly of leftovers. I hate eating the same thing multiple days in a row, so whenever I can transform leftovers into something new I will. In my house this is a musgo recipe. Growing up we always had musgo for dinner, took my years to figure out my mom was actually saying “Must Go” as in everything must go from the fridge. Now it’s a phrase that I love and we too has musgo dinners, and lunches, every so often to clean out the fridge.  


I made this recipes using leftovers from my curry-mango yogurt dip and a roasted chicken. You could use fresh chicken in this recipes, but I tend to find the picked dark meat of a leftover chicken makes it extra delicious!



1 Cup Pulled Chicken

1/3 Cup Curried-Mango Yogurt Dip

1/4 Cup Red Grapes, Halved

2 Tablespoons Celery, Sliced


  • Mix all ingredients together, enjoy!


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