Citrus Marinated Olives #SundaySupper

These Citrus Marinated Olives are the perfect healthy snack. Briny olives, fresh rosemary, roasted garlic, and citrus peels bring some much flavor to this easy recipe. They make a great party food or add some to your lunch box for an afternoon pick me up.
Citrus Marinated Olives 1 (Small)

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Cricket’s Cookbook Club: Joyous Health


I am definitely a cookbook junky. there’s probably over 200 in my house. I just love reading new recipes and looking at food pictures. Another passion of mine is health and wellness, so you know I was excited to receive a copy of Joyous Health: Eat And Live Well Without Dieting by Joy McCarthy. This is so much more than a cook book, it’s a true guide to a healthier lifestyle.

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Interview with Breaking the Stigmas


I love to write about healthy recipes and cooking on my blog. But there is so much more to living a healthy lifestyle than food. Mental health is just as important, but often over looked or shamed. Luckily one of my friends from high school, Cassie De Almo, has started a website designed to changing that. I recently got to pick her brain about the reasoning behind Breaking the Stigmas!


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Quick and Easy Artichoke Spaghetti

Throwing dinner parties can be intimidating, so it’s great to have some easy recipes on hand. This Quick and Easy Artichoke Spaghetti is the perfect crowd pleasing recipe that’s no stress to make.
Artichoke Spaghetti 3 (Small) (2)

I absolutely love having company over, drinking wine with friends and sharing a good meal. I don’t really like going out to eat, so like the home body I am, I bring the party to me. However, trying to work as a food blogger doesn’t always leave you with lots of spending money. I never realize how expensive cooking for company can be! I love this recipe because it is so decadent but also super inexpensive to make! This quick and easy artichoke spaghetti is the perfect star to any dinner party!

Quick and Easy Artichoke Parmesan Spaghetti

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Review: RX Bars

Cricket   September 14, 2016   8 Comments on Review: RX Bars

RX 1

I am definitely a snack monster. I always like to be snacking, especially if they’re healthy snacks. Being gluten free it’s crucial to always bring emergency snacks where ever you go. You never know if there will be food options for you in social settings. RX Bars are perfect because they can just be thrown in your purse for those times when everything around you is covered in gluten!

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